Posted by: sandra | October 26, 2011

Something about ‘wool’

What is it about working with wool that just makes me crazy happy?  I love the colors and the textures and the ease of working with it.  It is so easy and forgiving…

At the shop we have a wool and cotton block of the month program going on called Antique Buttermold.  It is a rather simple and beautiful quilt.After seeing Kathie R.’s sample blocks in the shop I was motivated to get working on mine.  So far I have the first four blocks finished.

I’m using hand dyed embroidery floss to stitch the designs, however, they don’t show up in the photos. (sorry)  This program still has spots available if you are interested.  Check it out at

I also finished this little wool pumpkin pincushion.

       It was actually a free pattern from Whimsicals.  It is available at      

The pattern has a leaf, needle keeper too, really cute!  So, go get your free pattern but don’t forget to come back!

As you can see I love little ‘pincushions’.  Doesn’t everybody has a nice display of them?  But….in their bathroom?

All of this wool puts me even more in a fall mood.

  Look, I even did a little decorating!

And look, I’m not the only wool crazy person.  These quilt blocks came from a neighbor of a woman at church.  They are wool and corduroy.  They are all hand pieced!  They will make a lovely, warm quilt for someone is our area.

Ok, one more thing before I go back to my wool work.  Time for a book review!

(The fine print reminds you that this book was given to me free of charge by the publisher, in return for writing a few reviews about it).

This Texas based historical fiction novel, takes place in the late 1880’s.  Starring a young family, a Texas Ranger and the Mexican renegades.  The young, strong heroine Elizabeth battles the death of her brother, being chased and kidnapped by the renegades to ultimately fall for the Texas Ranger.  Elizabeth is head strong and determined, making for a complicated life in untamed Texas .

If you like period fiction you would enjoy this book.  It is an easy read, with a few surprises along the way.

Quilting till then,



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