Posted by: Holly | October 10, 2011


I love to decorate for the seasons during the year as many of us do. I have a good friend who changes her decorations (and we have alot of the same ones)  almost monthly with the same theme as well.  It’s kinda a funny story, but she and her husband bought Barb Fraser’s home many years ago and we didn’t even know til later.  Those of you many remember Barb as one of the first long arm quilters in the area.  She and her husband continue to do well in Northern Virginia.

Anyway, Fall is my favorite season, so I have quite a few decorations.  Some I made, some that were given to me and LOTS I bought.  I was a little late getting them out this year, and it seems my daughter took advantage of that fact.  Imagine my surprise last Saturday afternoon when I went down to the basement to start pulling things out.  I knew she had been way too quiet…….(the kids bedrooms are downstairs)…….

Remember all those fun classes Cathy Porter taught.  The “mummy” is one of a set of “ghouls” made on candlesticks.  I have some of the best decorations from those years!  She is very talented!

I believe we have had Dracula for over 20 years.  He was displayed in the center upstairs window in our house in Va. Beach.  His arm moves back and forth with his lighted skull……

Looks kinda like the island of misfit toys……Nightmare on the Island of Misfit Toys……

Doesn’t every room need a rug and shovel?

The witch in the black pumpkin is an old Jo Gumere doll.  She was a very talented doll/bear maker.

The “witch is in”………….

Some of you may remember this quilt………

It is a Block of the Month we did a few years back entitled, Happy Hauntings.  It is one of my favorite quilts.  The pattern is still available if you would like us to order it.  I believe it retails for about $60.00  It is worth every penny.  One of the things I really liked was the fact that there is only one piece of Halloween fabric used.  The black fabric on the bats wings actually have bats on them. I did all the button hole applique by hand.  It was fabulously quilted by Rosemary Skinner of The Quilted Fox.

So in the end….”.Her mom says, NO!……but she says, YES!”


Holly by Golly



  1. Go Sydney Go … She’s definatly got the Flair!!!!!

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