Posted by: Holly | September 29, 2011

Fancy Foods

One of the best things about going to Quilt Market is trying out some of the best resturants in other parts of the country.  This past Spring we were able to try the local fare in Utah.  Marice (Patchalot Patterns), Joan (Marcie’s partner in crime), Kim (one of my partner’s in crime), and myself  took a night off and went to a special place in Salt Lake.  Here’s a peek of our FANCY FOODS………..

Joan, with the dessert we all shared…..

The resturant is located in a fancy hotel.  Here’s a few shots of that…..

Kim with the very, very  big vase of flowers………

For me, the easiest part about going is that I let the others make the decision where to eat.  But the hardest part is trying to REMEMBER where we ate and what I had.  Maybe one of the girls will see this post and let us know.  I do know it was delicious and we had a great evening.  Thanks ladies!!

Can’t wait until next Spring!

Holly by Golly



  1. Holly, this was the Grand America Hotel. Wasn’t it fabulous? That was my trout with the almonds and cherry tomatoes and green beans. Awesome!

    • Thank you….thank you…..thank you Marice. See I couldn’t even remember who had what. I do know I had the 4 mini dishes. Yes, it was a fabulous dinner. Along with fabulous company. Ready for Houston? Or maybe holding out for Kansas City?

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