Posted by: Holly | September 26, 2011

Hokie sighting at local Quilt Shop

Upon arriving at work one morning during my trip to Virginia Beach,  I was greeted by a very familar bird………..



That is on the back of a very familiar van………….



Which is owned by a very familiar face………….no…..not Heidi-Idy, but our very one and only Sandra!!

She was in town visiting friends……..yes……yes……including Heidi-Idy!  While she is no longer writing the blog (frown face from all, especially me since now I have to write it),  she is still part of the WYSNS Gang.  We were able to pick out and cut several kits in just a few hours time.  Boy do I miss that!!  Now she has the FUN part of making models and sending them back to the shop, all before leaving again for a wedding in Minneapolis. this weekend.  Maybe if we all wine a little (or alot, or maybe even send her some wine….hint, hint) we can convince her to guest post on the blog periodically.  We all miss you Sandra!

Until then, you are stuck with me!  Otherwise, please feel free to send me stories & photos that I can post from our readers.  I apologize for not posting for a while and I thank you all for your kind words of support.

Happy Quilting,

Holly by Golly



  1. Pooey. Nuttin personal, Holly, but you have eggs to gather….Funny, my adopted Mom didn’t tell me about the wedding. Think I’ll surprise her! Keep cluckin in SD!

    • Franky, Franky, Franky…if I told you once I told you a million times about the wedding….I think. You know that I am not sure of anything anymore. Be nice to Holly, all she has is the chickens and ducks you know…

      • Let’s not forget the chicken hawks, coyotes, and snakes all trying to get my “ladies”. It’s a rough job, but somebodies got to do it!!!

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