Posted by: Holly | September 13, 2011

Quilter’s Gourmet

One of the gift  items I represented at Spring Quilt Market in Utah is based in Virginia.  These beautiful wood ornaments/magnets, pins, 6″ wall blocks and clocks are hand-made in the USA. 

Ornaments/magnets :        3″ sq.        $12.95

Pictured: Card Tricks, Log Cabin, Bear’s Paw, Pinwheel, LeMoyne Star, Courthouse Steps, Nosegay, Old Maid’s Puzzle

 Other designs available: Lone Star and North Star (Divided Star)

Here’s a close-up of the Courthouse Steps…….

Pins:  1  1/4″ sq       $16.95

Pictured: Pinwheel, Grandmother’s Fan, Fox & Geese, Sawtooth Star, LeMoyne Star, Log Cabin, Nosegay, Weathervane

Wall blocks:  6″ sq      $35.95

North Star, Stars & Squares, Star of Virginia, Little Red Schoolhouse, Ducks & Ducklings, Wacky Star, Baby Blocks, Lone Star, Mariner’s Compass, Goose Tracks

Clocks:    9″ sq     $55.95

                                                                       Designs Available:  Courthouse Steps, Log Cabin

McCall’s quilting liked them so much they are going to place them on their FRESH PICKS list for the November/December issue.  It should hit newsstands soon, so be sure to get your order in before the rush hits.  Remember this are HAND-MADE IN THE USA.  Not assembly line items.  What a great Christmas gift it would make for all the quilters on your list…..naughty or nice.  Christmas is just around the corner……

They have their own page on our website.  Check it out:

Holly by Golly



  1. I’m the quilter, my husband is the woodworker. He was really interested in this post. This is the type of woodworking he does!

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