Posted by: Holly | September 6, 2011


A few months ago I had the opportunity to attend our State Guild meeting in Huron, SD.  Their special guest was Joe Cunningham, a.k.a. Joe the Quilter.  While I was unable to take his class, I did get to see the trunk show.  Joe has a unique way of showing off his quilts.

From the beginning, Joe has been a student of quilt history, writing scholarly articles, essays and books on the subject. In his studies he ran across the story of Joe the Quilter, an Englishman who made quilts in the late 1700’s, a story which inspired him to create a one-man musical quilt show called “Joe the Quilter.” The show is comprised of songs, stories and original quilts all created to tell the tale of the original Joe the Quilter. In 2001 he added the show to his repertoire of lectures and classes, leading to performances throughout the country.  Here are a few photos:

It really was funny to sit and enjoy his quilts, tales and musical talents.  I was also lucky enough to have lunch with him before he headed back to California.  He was kind enough to send me this photo he had taken outside our Lunch Shack.. a.k.a.Subway……..

While Joe stays busy with his exhibitions, classes and trunk shows, he still finds time to write for Quilter’s Home,  and has had a book published by AQS:  Men and the Art of Quiltingmaking.  This book talks with over 30 MEN quilters, including Mark Lipinski, John Flynn and Ricky Timms.  There are also lots of photos and patterns.   He also squeezes in time for  video making and appearing on The Quilt Show which includes a visit from Bob, The Thread Guy and a musical duo performance by Joe and Ricky. 

To see more of his quilts, read more of his story and just find out more information visit his website at:  Maybe he is coming to a shop near you.  Or maybe it would be fun to bring him to Virginia Beach…..what do you say girls…..or even guys??

Sue has his book on order so let her know if you interested.

Talk to you all soon,

Holly by Golly



  1. Good gracious – he is tall!

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