Posted by: Holly | September 2, 2011


Well the verdict is in.  Our CUSTOMER APPRECIATION NIGHT – 50s CARNIVAL was a huge success!  Everyone had a wonderful time and lots of prizes were won.  Raffle tickets were sold (and are still available) and panel challenge was voted on.  The staff is busy organizing photos to put up on FACEBOOK today!!  Thanks to our AWESOME staff who pulled together to make this event happen for you, our loyal customers.  Mom and I truly THANK EVERYONE FOR THEIR SUPPORT OVER THESE LAST 21 YEARS.  It’s been a heck of a ride!!!  So, until then, here’s a few photos of what’s been happening here on the Zuber Funny Farm……

Dan and I went to dinner with friends the other night and we got a call from our 10 year old that we have to come home quick.  There are duck eggs hatching.  Guess the ducks need us to help them hatch?????   The chickens were not happy there were going to be MORE animals in THEIR barn…..we brought them in the garage…..and here’s what we got……

By the time it was all said and done we ended up with 5 little ducklings.  So far we have Bubbles (first born), Feathers (second), and I think there is a Nacho, Dorito, or I really don’t know.  I just wanted to know that since the holidays were coming could we fatten them up to have PEKING DUCK for the Chinese New Year??……kiddin’…….maybe…..

Oh well……thanks again for making our event special by attending.  And for those of you missed it……remember to mark September 1, 2012 on your calendar for next year.   You really don’t appreciate what you have til it’s gone.   I wish I had a quilt shop here to go play in!!!!

Holly by Golly

Pierre, SD



  1. that is just about the cutest thing i’ve seen..

  2. AWWW, they are too cute. I love baby ducks. You tell those hens to be nice 🙂

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