Posted by: sandra | August 29, 2011

Cleaning Up…

I know that many of you have spent some time cleaning up after Hurricane Irene.  Gathering all of the debris that gets blown about during the storm.  I hope that you have power back on-and thus air conditioning!

My mother-in-law returned to Chesapeake today, and it turned into a pretty long drive.  Lots of downed trees and some heavier traffic at times.  But, all is well at her house and she is safely back home.

 I spent a little bit of time cleaning up my sewing room, since we didn’t even get a drop of rain from the storm.  Seriously, we could have used a little rain.  By cleaning, I mean  finishing a project I was working on.

Remember this pattern, the Sidewalk Satchel from Anna Maria?  $12.25

Well, I finished up the shop sample for it today.

Even the fabric is from Anna Maria!  I don’t know that I have ever sewn with voile before, but I was expecting it to be hard to work with.  Not at all!  Really, it is just a nice, lightweight  cotton with a beautiful drape to it!  The pattern was very, very easy to read and understand!  Especially for someone who hasn’t used a 5/8″ seam or back stitched in a long time…

Of course, once Rebecca saw the purse, she was out the door with it…Sorry Rebecca, it is heading off to the shop.

She even tried to bribe me with a pair of socks she just finished knitting!  Except, she had already given me the socks, so that didn’t work so well…

In the shop we are having the “I survived Hurricane Irene” bonus days!  If you are collecting Carnival Cash for the Customer Appreciation event Thursday, all of you purchases get double bucks!

Later, Sandra


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