Posted by: sandra | August 28, 2011


  I hope that all is well with you after the hurricane came through!  I’m sure you were all glad to say “goodnight” to Irene.  From what I can tell it appears that damage and power outages vary greatly from area to area.  My mother in law, who came to get away from the storm, has electricity and is heading home tomorrow.  But, my friend Jacque has had no electricity at her house since last night…She is about a mile from the shop, have yet to hear if they have had any power outages…

Well, moving on… this week in the shop is he new book “Bittersweet” from Art to Heart.

I really like the throw quilt on the cover!  Of course, I love all the fall colors.

Here are a few other images from the book.

Pretty cool huh?

Very contemporary!

I like the wall hanging, but I’m not so sure about the pumpkins…

Of course, we also have the complete line of “Bittersweet” fabrics too.  Meaning you could make projects just like the ones in the book, if you wanted to…

Now, for the I Survived Hurricane Irene party…

Double Carnival Bucks on all purchases through Wednesday!

I know if your house/yard/world is crazy this is not likely for you.  But if all is going well for you after the storm come into the shop and see all of the Carnival baskets on display, register for the Carnival Thursday night and receive double bucks on all of your purchases including classes!

Take care, Sandra



  1. I was in the store on yesterday and bought the book and the fat quarters to make the cover throw quilt. The colors are so rich.

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