Posted by: sandra | August 26, 2011

A change of plans


Like most of you in the Virginia Beach area, our weekend plans have all changed.  Nothing like Hurricane Irene to create a line at the grocery store and the gas pump.

I was heading into the Tidewater area tomorrow, but now I will wait out the storm here in the safety of Blacksburg, to hear how things go there.  I hope that it is a lot of talk and preparing with very little problems!

The shop is ready for all of your last minute needs,  you might need some handwork, in case you have any power outages.  But, please be safe and call ahead 523-2711 if you question whether they will be open.

Sue and the ‘girls’ got all of the ‘summer fabric challenge’ items up and on display.  Voting on your favorite items will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  A gift certificate for first place is $50, second is $25 and third is $15.

Here is a sneak peek at the entries…

Participants could choose any fabric panel and do with it what they wanted.What a great variety of things!


Quilts, toes, clothing, runners, what a great variety!

I love the Thomas pillow case!

So, come in and vote!

Be safe everyone!

Later, Sandra



  1. Good call missy! The panel challenges really are wonderful, very difficult to pick. I went to the shop for a hurricane kit today but alas no such thing LOL so I spent $200 on bullwinkle fabric instead … I hate you SNS :’)

    • Don’t be a hater……be a lover!! And Ellen yes it is supposed to be a secret! Guess the black cat is out of the bag, so to speak……

      •’s not like anyone wouldn’t be able to figure mine out anyway. At least it’s not flying geese pants..

  2. wow. it’s fun to see such variety. It looks like 3 of us used the same panel (the flowery one with the bird) but each is so different. Fun, fun, fun. Even if I don’t win anything, I loved making mine…but, just in case you’re wondering which one to pick…..just saying…

    • Ellen, isn’t it supposed to be a secret LOL

      • oh.

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