Posted by: sandra | August 23, 2011

Buttons and Bees and Earthquakes!

OK, this will be a tough title to tie together, but let’s see what we can do…Did you all in Virginia Beach feel the earthquake this afternoon?  We did here in Blacksburg.  At our house it was very uneventful, but at my husbands fourth floor practically condemned building it was pretty exciting! We lived in San Francisco for two years and never had an earthquake but now in southwest Virginia we get one!  Holly had an earthquake in South Dakota a few weeks ago too.  What’s up with that!  Of course, all I want to know is if our 5.9 earthquake was bigger then whatever she had…

Now, moving on…I ordered some new patterns today from “Buttons and Bees” (see how I tied it all together)?  I will be bringing the new samples with me when I visit the shop next week.  The first one is called “Gift Card Holders”

they are little envelopes that you can put a gift card in!  How cute is that!  I am thinking about just hanging them on the Christmas tree with a little wire hanger…

This pattern is called “Can’t wait for Santa penny rug”.  The colors are a little washed out in this picture, but I just love how it turned out!

I kept a little ziploc bag with the pennies with me, and worked on them while waiting for appointments and such.

Here is a close up of part of it.

This pillow is an adaption from a pillow pattern called “Love you”

I was very pleased with the pattern directions too, sometimes that determines whether I make more things from the same company.  Kim, the designer, has a lot of other patterns too.  Many in wool, but many cotton quilts as well.  Check out her website at  As always, if there is something you want, let us know!

Off to find out how big Holly’s earthquake was…

Later, Sandra



  1. Ok…ok…ok….you beat us with your size…..our’s was only a mere 3.5…..but we beat you there first…ha…ha…..glad you are ok up there….my phone must have had about 10 messages at once so I knew something was going on. Shop is ok…thank goodness because that is most important. When all else fails…..go to What’s Your Stitch ‘n Stuff!!

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