Posted by: sandra | August 21, 2011

Retreat anyone?

Have you ever been to one of the shop ‘retreats’?  We have them about four or five times a year, hosted by Judy and Kristie.  What a blast they are!

Each retreat has a theme, the most recent one was 1950’s party.  So, as you can guess all of the decorations, party favors, food, etc centered around Elvis and such.

At retreat everyone brings their own projects to work on.  This is a great time to sew on any unfinished projects you might have.  You also get the advice of 20 friends and a shop full of fabric to choose from…

A beautiful trip around the world was displayed at the last retreat.

Here is Sue enjoying (?) a game of paddle ball, must have been popular in the 50’s…

Great finish Lynn!

Look how hard everyone appears to be working…

So, if you’d like to get in on a fun, sewing filled weekend here are the details.

The cost of retreat is $60 which includes sewing from 6-midnight on Friday,  9am-midnight on Saturday and 9am-6pm on Sunday.  On Friday dinner is provided, as well as breakfast on Saturday and Sunday.  Snacks are available all weekend long too.  Party favors and games happen during the weekend too.  In addition you get a 15% discount on all your shop purchases over the weekend.

The November (Christmas themed) retreat is full, but the next retreat after that is February 10, 11 and 12, 2012!  As amazing as saying 2012, is saying that sign ups begins tomorrow at 10am!  You can call the shop  or stop in.  Many times there is a line at the shop on retreat sign ups mornings.  So, go and sign up, no reason to check your calendar…because you don’t have one for next year yet…

By the way…

Happy Birthday Holly!!!!!

Wish you were here to share some birthday cake with…

Hope you are having a wonderful birthday with your family!  Miss ya’

Later, Sandra


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