Posted by: sandra | August 17, 2011

So, what did you do today?

I can tell you what I didn’t do today…see my sewing machine!  I worked at the Food Pantry this morning, worked with our quilting group at church this afternoon, went to the grocery store and cleaned house for tomorrow’s night staff party…Hmm.  No wonder I am tired…

So let me show you some things I have been working on recently…

I actually finished this one a few weeks ago, and gifted it to my best friend.  This was a kit from the shop many years ago.  A pattern from Joined at the Hip.  (Joined at the Hip also has a new book coming out, we should have it soon…)

I finished all of my nine patch/churn dash blocks.  I have to wait until I go back to the shop to get the setting fabrics and borders.

On the pattern cover they use a brown/gold fabric for the setting.  I will just see what we have  that appeals to me…who knows what color it will be.

My daughter in law sent me a photo of her first finished quilt project!  She made this Virginia Tech table runner to put on top of her table in their Virginia Tech room…I am really happy for her, it turned out great and she picked it up so easily!

Speaking of Virginia Tech, the students are all moving back to town, classes start next Monday.  Our sleepy little town has returned to party central.

This is another sign to let you know the students are back…

Haven’t seen one of those all summer.

Later, Sandra


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