Posted by: sandra | August 10, 2011

A cleaning frenzy

Yesterday, the mood was for cutting out a new pattern.  I had much of today available to work on it…However, what did I feel like today?  Cutting some more, no.  Piecing more of the blocks, no.  Handwork, no.  Cleaning!  How sad is that!

My daughter began a 10 day field techniques class at Mountain Lake today.  Mountain Lake, where the movie Dirty Dancing was filmed, in 1978!

Yes, the hotel is still there,

But, If she spends the night it will be in a cabin.

I thought this was a great time to really deep clean her area of the house, the dreaded ‘basement’.  I guess I went a little crazy cleaning though (does that seem like a waste to you)?  How come I can vacuum every day and still have enough dog hair to make a new dog?  Well, you’ll be happy to know that after a few hours of cleaning and laundry I seem to be over it!

Who knows maybe there may still be some sewing this afternoon…

I found a fun new website you might want to check out.

At the website you enter the title of a book that you liked, and it gives you a list of other books you then might enjoy.  Pretty cool!

Later, Sandra



  1. May I suggest my favorite author, Alice Hoffman. My favorite book of hers
    is Turtle Moon. Give it a try. Then read all of hers.

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