Posted by: sandra | August 9, 2011

What are you in the mood for…

I mean, besides the obvious…

or maybe this…

Well, today I was in the mood for cutting out a new project!  I must say I love to start new projects, but I have to be in the mood to rotary cut.

Maybe cutting a million 1 1/4″ squares requires motivation?  But, I am off to a good start.

Next, I had to piece one block to make sure the cutting was accurate.

So far, so good.  7 1/4″ unfinished.  Only 32 more to go!

By the way, do you ever press your seams open?  It appears to me that more and more patterns are calling for this.  Or, it could be that I have be making more small and complicated things lately…So, do you ever press open your seams?

I did a variety on this block, not as many open seams as they called for.

This block is from the pattern Carriage Wheels by Carol Hopkins Designs.

I love the layout of the quilt.  I hope I still love it when I am putting it together.  This quilt is from a series called Civil War Legacies, and we have many different patterns from that collection in the store.  I am really ‘in the mood’ for this one too.

Lilies for Connie.  If you like these traditional designs check out her website at    Come and see what we have in the shop, and remember we can special order most anything.

Back to it.

Later, Sandra



  1. These would be great for all those fat eighth bundles of reproduction fabrics we are cutting today. Lots of variety without a lot of cost. Can I still get in for the drawing for the Sturgis prize?

  2. Yes, Sandra, I often press seams open- mostly when I am just making something up without a pattern. It works fine, especially if there aren’t a lot of points to match. But if there are… it helps the have the seams going alternate ways so that you have that little “groove” to butt together. I read that in the “old days” seams were always pressed to one side because fabrics weren’t as strong as they are now and tended to pull apart more easily. I don’t know if that is true. I do know you would want to still press to the dark side if one fabric is very light so it won’t show through. Some say if you are stitching in the ditch it helps to have them on one side or the other. But it does sometimes reduce bulk in certain blocks in seams are pressed open. What could it hurt?

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