Posted by: sandra | August 8, 2011

Pygmy Goats bring views????

Today I was browsing through the various statistics associated with our blog.  (Putting that in writing sounds like I need a life…).  However it is very interesting to see how people find us through various search words.

In the past Blue Angels has been very popular…ok.  Then there was some interest in the Semper Fi Fund…good.  Even a search for Star Wars themed weddings…ok…getting really weird!

Ahhhh, the power of

But, take a look at the words that brought viewers to our sight today…

                                              pygmy goat                                    10

pygmy goats                                   10

adoption papers                              3

pennies from heaven book            2

pygmy goat pictures                        2

quilting classes Virginia Beach      2

easy quilting blocks                          2

primitive pieces by Lynda               1

Stitch n Stuff pillow kits                  1

Tidewater quilters guild                  1

Pygmy goats? Really?  Yesterday, it was even more viewers then that!  At least quilt related words pop up eventually.

Some days you just have to wonder…

Moving on, we do have a winner in our Sturgis drawing!

Chris H., that is you!  Congratulations!  You’ll have to let us know what Holly has planned for the prize…could be a pygmy goat…

In quilt related things, I did get this little pillow finished today.

I made this little guy out of wool, adapted from a pattern from Buttons & Bees.  I bought a lot of patterns from them at market, because they were all so cute!  To see all of their patterns check out their website at

I expect that we will be getting some new things from them soon.

Later, Sandra



  1. Sandra thanks so much for the chance to win something, even though
    I don’t know what it is!! I am delighted and will see Holly soon.

    • We’ll all be curious to hear what you won…Congrats!

  2. […] Pygmy goat. source. […]

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