Posted by: sandra | August 7, 2011

One day last week I spent the day “antiquing” with friends.  The three of us have all lived in the area about two years, and had varied ideas of places to go and how to get there.  In other words…we drove around a lot, and asked a lot of questions.

We started our day at Blue Collar Joe’s in Daleville, Virginia.

From the outside it looks like a converted gas station, but inside

donut heaven!  It is kind of a cross between a donut and a fancy cupcake.  Cheap and good!  Just have to decide between the dozens of varieties.

Then it was Two P’s in a Pod in Vinton.

Then Old Mill Antiques in Vinton.

Then it all becomes a blurrr, some more antique shops, an art studio and a farmers market. Stumbled upon a tiny little quilt and knit shop.

The Crooked Stitch Quilts and Knits in Rocky Mount, Virginia.  The staff there was so very friendly, and I found a few unique knitting items for my daughter!

Back in the car (thanks for driving Paula) and off to more and more shops.  Lots of antique and primitive shops in the area.  When everything was closed for the evening we headed back home.

Lots of goodies packed the car, in addition to all of those donuts!  My big purchases for the day…

A Longaberger bowl and an iron.  Kind of sad after all that shopping.  My daughter reminded me that I did not need a cute little iron…that I already had an iron.  I’ll remember that next time she is looking at knitting needles…

Later, Sandra


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