Posted by: sandra | August 2, 2011

Design Wall 101

Yesterday and today Paula and I got together to piece a quilt top.  We are donating it to a black tie auction, as a fundraiser for the Alexander Black House in Blacksburg.

This historic house was moved to make room for a 400 car parking garage.  Now the city is fund raising to turn it into a museum.

Paula worked for many years with Jinny Beyer in northern Virginia, as well as being an international teacher!  Her sense of color and design is astounding!

We piece 16 blocks from two inch squares, in Hokie colors of course!  Then we started playing on the design wall!

hmmm rows…

maybe not…



Here is our finished quilt top!  It is about 55″ square or so. Now, off to the quilter.  With two weeks to spare!

If you don’t have a design wall, and you have room for one…the possibilities are amazing!

Later, Sandra



  1. gorgeous

  2. Some of us do read your blog everyday. Just gave Holly a hug from both of us. Keep up writing—quilting, too!! Dawn

  3. Hey Dawn! Good to hear from you. I think Holly really needed a hug too!

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