Posted by: sandra | August 1, 2011

Some sewing going on

My daughter in law, Viki,  in interested in learning more about sewing.  She really wanted to make a dress while she was here…but we made a few easier projects for starters.  Although after seeing how fast she caught on she could make a dress with very little help.

She made one of the sweet zip bags from the shop.

Yes, the same fabric that I used…She put the zipper in with no problem!  This is a very friendly method to put in zippers.

Next she made a snap happy bag.  I forgot to get a picture of it though.  But here is the pattern.  I bought a 25 foot tape measure to make my first bag.  We used the very last of it!  I guess that means I’ve made 24′ of bags…

Then she did a little quilting!  A very simple Hokie table runner.  She pressed, cut, pieced, layered, quilted and bound it with very little help!  When I showed her how to miter her binding on the quilt, I told her she would need to see it done ten times before she really “got it”.  I showed her the first one and she did the other three with no problem.  It’s good to be young…

She was really pleased, and we had fun too!  I’m really glad that we had a chance to do this together.

My daughter, Rebecca took up knitting about two months ago, and she is going crazy!  She tells me she has to buy good yarn, because I only buy good fabric…Hmmm hard to argue that one…

Here she is making her first pair of socks.  Roxy, my sons dog, is hanging out with her.

We had a great week together, and three dogs in the house means there is always something going on!

Later, Sandra



  1. Awesome family time. Go Hokies. I have a friend that is a grad along with two sons that are grads so I always look for something Hokie for his birthday. I already found a pool float and last night i saw a Hokie snow globe for Christmas. I guess that would be more for his wife but he will get a kick out of it. Love Roxy too.

    • We have lots of Tech fabric at the store…maybe you could make a ‘grilling’ apron or something…Around here, you can’t go wrong with anything Hokie!

      • I made him one of the Hokie strip quilts last year with the burgundy minkie on the back and a matching pillow case. He loved it. A grilling apron sounds like a good idea as well – thanks.

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