Posted by: sandra | July 30, 2011

My 500th blog post!

Today is my 500th post for this blog!  Yikes, it seems like just yesterday I was arguing with Holly that I was not interested in writing a blog.  Do you ever notice that she is good at talking people into things…

Speaking of Holly, she is back in Virginia Beach and the shop for awhile!  If I know her she is cutting up all of our fabric!

She just loves to cut strip quilts!

You can bet she has the ‘girls’ cutting and filling every fat quarter box!

I’ll bet she has been up and down the ladder 100 times changing displays!  Part of me wishes I was there playing, and part of me is tired just thinking about it!

So, when you go in the shop and notice all the changes…be nice to all the ‘girls’ because I bet Holly has them running ragged!  Bring Sue and Holly a coffee and you will be a hero!

Sue, large bold!

Holly, a large vanilla bean cream with a half a shot of espresso, a full shot of mocha, whip cream and chocolate drizzle…I guess we know who is high maintenance…

Hope you all enjoyed the shop hop!

Later, Sandra



  1. Speaking of high maintenance,,,,,,,,,the order for your coffee was more than I could write on my palm…………single this, none of that, extra hot add a straw ………….does the Starbucks in Christiansburg call it
    “The Sandra” yet?

    • They don’t call it a Sandra…because no one else would want one. They do only write my name on my cup…since they know what I want…

  2. I saw Holly yesterday. It was great to see her. Keep up the good work Sandra. Reading your blog is the only thing i do daily on line. I love reading the stuff you post. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    • Thank you for the kind words! Hope you had some fun in the shop.

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