Posted by: sandra | July 28, 2011

Fun things from Canada

Victoria and Vancouver were really fun to visit.  We enjoyed the cool morning and exploring a new area.  Here are a few things that made me smile…

I found a quilt shop in town, but the first day when we looked for it I couldn’t find it.  So, the next day we looked again.  I guess the reason I missed it, was because it was right next the Starbuck’s!  I’m sure that’s what distracted me!  Can you imagine if Stitch shared a wall with Starbuck’s?  Heaven!  I wonder if our fabric would smell like coffee?

As I have mentioned before we have a variety of Dr Suess and How the Grinch Stole  fabric.  And another shipment due in the next week or so.

Here are a

couple of

the prints.

I even made a couple of Grinch pillowcases…

But, look what I found in Victoria!

The Grinch and Max, is that not perfect!

This is the view off the back of the ferry.  Can you see the snow covered mountains in the center?  In the middle of July?  When it is 94 degrees and humid at my house!  Yes, that made me smile!

Later, Sandra



  1. bye bye bead store hello starbucks 🙂

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