Posted by: sandra | July 27, 2011

The Dreaded Denim Quilt

About eight years ago I (foolishly) made my son a denim quilt.  I collected tons of denim jeans and cut them into squares to make a quilt.  I found that I could not quilt if after it was done, so I tied it.  It has now become the most dreaded loved quilt he owns. Despite many, many lovely quilts, his favorite is still that raggedy denim quilt.  I do believe his wife is ready to get rid of it, anytime that he is not looking.  He better look out when he goes ‘to sea’.

Every time he comes to visit he brings it with for more repairs.  He and his wife are here now, so more work on this quilt!  I’ve replaced the binding once, and the batting has just about disappeared.  I thought a denim quilt would last forever!  But the denim has worn through in a dozen or more spots!  I use pockets to patch the holes, soon the entire quilt will be made from pockets.

A supply of new pocket/patches.

Luckily, these jeans had a lot of pockets!

So, today’s lesson…It is a great feeling to make a quilt that someone truly loves and uses and washes to death!  However, beware, the quilt may be coming back forever!  (You can always hope that is is some lovely cotton quilt…)

Later, Sandra



  1. What is he doing with that quilt that it needs soooo many repairs?

  2. That is the sweetest story ever!! I love a boy and his quilt story, although the mending doesn’t sound fun I’m sure you secretly love it too 🙂

  3. I made a simple quilt – all 5″ squares in red, white and blue for my daughter when she was in college – something to keep her warm in Blacksburg. That was 17 years ago and that quilt is awful looking, but she won’t give it up. It had a flannel backing and looked very 1950’s. She loves it. Who knew?

  4. You people should all know this by now…it is not the fabric that gets a quilt the love. It is the love that gets the love. There is beauty in a lot of places to be admired, but when you can “feel” the person who made it when you wrap up in it…

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