Posted by: sandra | July 26, 2011

I’m still counting this as Monday

Well, it is after one in the morning (technically Tuesday) and we’ve just arrived at our hotel in Charlotte.  (Where it is very humid!) Another very long day of traveling is done.

I heard that it was very busy for the first day of the shop hop!  Lots of great prizes and some fun giveaways going on, plan your week!

Holly mailed me a set of charms before the event started.  They are pretty darn cute!  But look at this soggy envelope that arrived from South Dakota!  I am amazed that it was deliverable at all.  Luckily the charms were in a ziploc bag.

The papers she sent were unreadable, and practically dripping!  I just know those papers were offering me a raise!  But, now I have no proof…

I guess there really is some major rain and flooding at Holly’s house…

We had a good time in Victoria and Vancouver.  The weather was beautiful, lots of good food, beautiful scenery.  My nephews wedding was nice and I’m glad we were able to go and see all of the family.

Now, it is 1:30am, and definitely time to call it a night!

Later, Sandra


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