Posted by: sandra | July 21, 2011

Is Dallas on the way to British Columbia?

We left Charlotte this morning at 4:30, where it was already 88 degrees and humid!

  • a 15 minute shuttle ride to the airport
  • 15 minutes to check in with the airlines
  • 20 minutes to get through security
  • a 2 1/2 hour flight to Dallas, where it was 95 and humid!
  • (notice on the map, Texas is not on route from Virginia to British Columbia…)
  • a four hour flight to Vancouver
  • 30 minutes to go through customs
  • 10 minutes to get bags
  • 15 minutes to get rental car
  • 30 minute drive to the ferry
  • one hour wait for the ferry
  • 2 hour ferry crossing

  • 30 minute drive to our hotel in Victoria
  • where it is 68 degrees and not even five o’clock here!

Later, Sandra




  1. I’m booking my flight NOW!!!

  2. it’s 5 o’clock somewhere

  3. yes it is! Can I go to bed now, please!

  4. Awesome. Quite a day. Love the rental car. Have a great trip.

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