Posted by: sandra | July 17, 2011

A Quick Trip!

My husband and I came in for a quick trip to Virginia Beach!  He has some work to do on the base tomorrow, and of course I have some power shopping to do!

Yesterday we made the drive and the ever popular trip to the Commissary!

Today, we went to our former church, First Lutheran.  So good to catch up with people after being gone two years!

Finally, this afternoon the real shopping began!  I went into  Stitch ‘n Stuff to see everything I have been missing!.

I filled one bag and started a big list of new samples to make!  I took about 50 pictures too!  However, I can’t seem to get them to transfer here, and I didn’t bring all of my computer gear, so they may have to wait until I get home…

Tomorrow I will be back in the shop for much of the day.  If you are in the area stop in and say “hi”!

The beautiful crepe myrtle trees are in bloom everywhere here!

I hadn’t realized that we don’t have them in our area…

They are so, so lovely!

See you tomorrow!  Sandra



  1. Welcome home, I’ll try to pop in tomorrow and say hey!

  2. Hey Lisa, Hope to see you in the morning. That mini duffle is toooo dang cute! I definitely need the pattern for that! Wish I was here for the class…Maybe I could skip the wedding in Vancouver and come back to Virginia Beach….

  3. wah…sorry I missed visiting with you….family in town for a family reunion….taking the last bunch to the airport on Tuesday…more family and food tomorrow…can’t wait to see all the neat things you’ll be making…

    • family reunion and food at your house sounds like a lot of fun! I hope to be back in a month or two for a longer ‘real’ visit. Take care!

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