Posted by: sandra | July 15, 2011

When it rains it pours!

Lots of new things have arrived in the store in the last couple of days!  Fabric, fabric and more fabric, plus a huge shipment of new books!

First, here are some of the new books from Kansas City Star.

A Baker’s Dozen, 13 Kitchen Quilts from American Jane  $25.50  96 pages.

Be Merry, Quilts and Projects for your Holiday Home $25.50  96 pages

(I bet I need this one)!

History Repeated, Block Exchange Quilts by the 19th Century Patchwork Divas  $27.50  112 pages   (Oh, I think I need this one too)!

Fruitful Hands $25.50  88 pages

Table Talk by G.E. Designs  $25.50 96 pages

Welcome Home $24.50 80 pages…Oh I like the look of this one too…

In case that was not enough to get you in the shop (OK, maybe after you’ve seen the Harry Potter movie)  how about some new fabric too!

Bittersweet is the newest collection from Nancy Halversen.  I believe there are 36 pieces in this collection.  Beautiful fall colors with a lot of purples!  The ‘girls’ at the shop are furiously cutting the fat quarters as we speak!  Speaking of fall, it is only in the 70’s today, and breezy!  I love it!

Finally, we received some pieces of Rail Heroes, Thomas the Tank Engine.

How is that for a wide selection?  I’ve heard some fabric has also come in for the big shop hop and lots of new things for the Customer Appreciation event September 1st.  Wow, I’m tired just thinking about it!!!!!!

Later, Sandra



  1. Well I was just leaving for the shop with Romeo but now I may have to shop too much to tote a dog…hmmm maybe a dog tote LOL Weather is great here as well YEA

  2. That’s right, might be toooo much shopping for the pup…Maybe a doggy duffle….

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