Posted by: sandra | July 14, 2011

Summer Reruns

Remember in the ‘old’ days of television, summer was no new episodes and certainly no new tv shows!  But a whole lot of what we had already seen.


Look at all that big hair on Thirty Something!

Well, today’s blog post reminds me of all those summer reruns!  Everything that I have been working on, I’ve shown you before!

I finished piecing the top of My Happy Place.  The letters are only fused down, so I still need to applique them…

I also finished this little runner from Jo Morton’s book Banner Day.  In the book she worked on a hemmed ticking, but I worked on a patriotic background.  Since I did not want to hem it, I backed it, but it has no batting.  I really like the way it turned out!

Now days we don’t have all those summer tv reruns.  (Sometimes we get the rerun the next week!  Oh, encore presentation…).  Plus we have all the new summer shows…and hulu…and all of our dvd and internet options!  I’ll try to progress too!  Find something new and fresh to show you.

Later, Sandra


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