Posted by: sandra | July 11, 2011

Barn Quilts

Have you seen all of the ‘new’ tours popping up, to go drive through the country and look at barn quilts?

You can even go on virtual barn quilt tours.

Just more proof that everything comes around again.

Last year Eleanor Burns has an entire book about barn quilts. $29.95

I must say I am not always a fan of hers, but many of those blocks are pretty darn cute!  I’d love to make just the center section…Of course, there is always a ruler or two that Eleanor uses in her books to make our life easier.

We also have another new book on the way called Every Barn Tells a Story.

88 pages of pictures, stories, blocks and sampler quilts.

Here is just one of the quilts from the new book.

In any of you need a ‘real’ outdoor barn quilt, and happen to be in the Iowa area…Country Threads has huge outdoor signs to mount on your house.

Since I don’t live in Iowa, I guess I will have to be content to just hang a nice quilt on my house, and pretend it is a ‘barn’ quilt.

Later, Sandra


  1. Where can I get big metal quilt signs for hanging on an outside barn?

    • Wanting to buy big quilt pattern sign for outside barn display.

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