Posted by: sandra | July 9, 2011

Voile? What is voile?

Did you hear that we got a bolt of voile in the store this week?  How exciting is that?  Well, not very exciting, since I don’t even know what it is…So I did a little checking and found that…

The voile that we got came from designer Anna Maria Horner for Westminster.  It is 54 inches wide and was very popular and trendy at Quilt Market.

According to a Anna Maria’s blog, there are hundreds of reasons why we want to play with this new fabric!

Voile is most always defined as a sheer woven material, usually cotton, and taken from the French word for veil.  Popular in clothing,

and bags.

Look at this great purse, from the pattern Sidewalk Satchel. $12.25  (We hope to have it in the store soon!

Of course, the biggest questionfor us is, “Can you quilt with it”? and the answer is yes!!!!

This quilt is from Anna Maria, she says it is a great summer weight, and feels oh so soft!

Here is a quilt made entirely from voile in the Tula Pink booth at market.  All the comments rave about how soft and lightweight it is.

Now, I can’t wait to check it out, it has me intriguied..  If you want to read lots more about voile and see many more pictures please check out

(Most of the pictures and details above come from her site).

New yorkie puppies in our neighborhood…

Six of them!  I bet they are soft and lightweight too!

Later, Sandra



  1. I do love a soft lightweight puppy, ahhhh how cute. Love the feel of the voile at the shop…design not so much :-p

  2. yes, but how about the design of the puppy?

  3. that puppy design is spot on 🙂

  4. Mum, e-mail me when u get a minute. Think ‘uh oh’….Franky

  5. ‘Uh oh’ Franky…what did you do? I already told Sue “no” to letting you have my store credit or my credit card…Are you in “big” trouble? Don’t make me use my mom voice!

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