Posted by: sandra | July 6, 2011

How did it get to be 9:30????

I usually try to post mid afternoon, before my family gets home and life gets crazy…                       So, how in the world did it get to be 9:30!!!!!

Perhaps because half of my day was spent on the phone!You know it is going to be one of those day when you are on the house phone and you get a call on your cell, followed by several texts.  And you are not quite savvy enough to figure out how jungle them without loosing a call or two…(sorry Rebecca).

We did have a long conference call with the shop though.  Love to hear about all of the events going on.  Speaking of which…I did hear a big rumor…

UPS should be bringing us something very exciting tomorrow!  Check back here tomorrow for more details, or better yet check out the shop if you can…

I did work a smidge on a new project this morning.

This is the start of a table topper from the new Jo Morton book, Banner Day.   In the book, the topper is made using a blue and tan ticking.  Well, I didn’t have any ticking…so I am using a tan background that has patriotic words written on it.   You can barely see them in the huge photo!  But, I really like the way that it is turning out.  I ironed on the appliques and started machine appliqueing them.

If you haven’t had a chance to look through this book, make sure you look for it in the shop.  We still have a few signed copies in the store, $27.99 (I think).

Well, now it is 10pm, and I feel like I am just rambling…perhaps the glass of wine doesn’t help either.

Besides this dog is looking at me, saying, “Seriously, we are supposed to be in bed by now!”

Later, Sandra


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