Posted by: sandra | July 5, 2011

Planning a trip?…

Anyone have any fun trips planned this summer?  Ya’ know, vacations?  We just made our reservations for a wedding in three weeks!  Yikes, it will be here before we know it!

We are off to Vancouver, BC!

As always, I get “worried” about packing enough “projects” to keep me busy through two long days of travel.  The shop had gotten in some fun new ‘travel’ fabric and I just had to use some to make some little travel bags.  To keep some little projects in.

These are, of course, more snap happy bags.  I just love these bags!  They are fun and easy to make and oh so useful for storing things.

Here is the pattern, $8.50.

Then I made a simple tote for the plane, again using that travel theme.

Notice the cute little hang tag I put on the handle?  Just couldn’t resist some of this fun fabric.

Here is a picture of the fabric in the store.

Hope you have a chance to get away this summer too!

Later, Sandra



  1. you are so creative. do you scrapbook too

    • I scrapbook a tiny bit, too obsessed with quilting! Thanks for the kind words though.

  2. I am on vacation in the Midwest and have been to various shops including Missouri Quilt Shop (home of many great You Tube videos for quilting and then to theThe Quilt Shoppe – home of Tula Pink. Our favorite store in Kempsville stacks up very well against the other guys.

    • I’m so glad that your Kempsville shop can hold its own! Speaking of Tula Pink…I expect our next shipment will arrive tomorrow!

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