Posted by: sandra | July 3, 2011’s a love hate thing…

I swear that every time I work with minkee, I vow never to use it again.  We all know that it can be quite a mess to work with!  (although if you throw it in the dryer for a couple of minutes you get a lot less mess)!  Also, it stretches a little…and can be bulky to work with…But, then once the project is all done and we see how yummy it is, we forget what a pain it can be.

Here is the Snuggly Critter Blanket that was so popular at the last couple of quilt markets.  I just got around to making the shop a sample.

The free pattern is at

I also see on the website that they sell kits to make them, maybe we can get some of these in the store too.

Basically, you cut a stuffed animal in half (which totally creeped me out) and stitch it into two squares of minkee to form a blanket.  It was very easy, in theory, a little harder to work through the layers.  All in all it took less then two hours from start to finish.  Once the bear was sewn into the blanket, I didn’t feel like dividing him in half was so bad…I mean, he looks happy!

Pretty hard to get a picture of him though.  I need a three year old dragging him around.  Too bad I didn’t have him finished last week, when I had all those three year olds…(So, not worth another week of three year olds though).

Another way to use minkee is as a quilt back.  I have quilted it myself (simply) with good results.  I have also had it quilted by a longarm quilter with fabulous results!

This is the minkee back of a wedding quilt I’m working on.  The quilting looks fabulous!  (Thanks Rose).  This quilt is for a wedding in October, and has been quilted and ready for binding for 4-5 months…The quilt I need for a wedding in three weeks….Aghhhh, not so ready!

Minkee is more expensive then cotton, it runs about $16-$19 a yard.  However, it is also 60″ wide, so often for a lap quilt it can be more economical then two widths of cotton.  I have also noticed that gift quilts with minkee on the back get rave reviews. (No matter what the front of the quilt looks like).  They just lend themselves to be cuddled up with!.

The strip quilts that we make in the shop are the easiest lap quilt to make ever!  Eight coordinating fabrics and a binding.  Also very, very easy to quilt on your regular sewing machine.  We almost always put minkee on the back of them, making them a huge hit!

Here is a Virginia Tech strip quilt, with that yummy maroon minkee on the back. (Go Hokies)!

If you haven’t tried minkee, give it a shot.  Just don’t decide what you think of it until your project is done!  (and the mess is cleaned up).

Later,  Sandra



  1. I did a hokie strip quilt with the same color minkee last august for a friend’s birthday. He is a Hokie grad as are his two sons and his daughter-in-law. He loved it and the kids were envious. I also had it long arm quilted rather than struggle with it myself.

  2. Isn’t it great to make such a simple quilt and have everyone envious?

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