Posted by: sandra | July 1, 2011


Vacation Bible School is officially over, and my little ones went on their way.  We had many kids who attend that do not belong to our congregation, so when I see them again next year they will have changed so much!

I must say though, I did come home and take a nap today after all of the excitement of the week.

I do have a new project I can’t wait to start!

This is pinwheel from Primitive Gatherings. $8.50  The patterns should be back in stock the end of next week.  I just love this design, and it is so tiny!  22″ x 28″ !!!  I don’t know what I was thinking though…I forgot to have Sue send me the Thangles!

I tried calling a couple of shops within an hour or so of here…You guys are so lucky to have a full service quilt shop near you!  Because I won’t be finding any of these near me…

We are beginning  our 8th Annual Customer Appreciation Event!  Can you believe it! Seems like we just started this event last year…

Starting today and running through the last of August, every dollar you spend in the store you will get an equal amount of “carnival cash” to spend at the big event September 1st.  Lots more details to follow, but start collecting your carnival cash now!

Later, Sandra



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