Posted by: sandra | June 29, 2011

Some new samples in the shop

Marcie Patch, of Patchalot Patterns brought us some new quilts to hang in the store.  As many of you know Marcie is a local Virginia Beach designer, and we love her work!

This first quilt is called Prairie Fire.  It is 68″ x 84″ and the pattern sells for $8.50.  Look at all the yummy cheddar in that one!  And the quilting looks amazing too.  I can’t wait to see it in person…

The next is called Saddle Tramp.  It was published in McCall’s magazine last year, but know it is available as a pattern.  It is 64″ x 90″ and the pattern sells for $8.50 also.

We have at least a dozen or two of patterns from Marcie, and can get any of them.  Check out her website if you’d like to see all of her designs.

Well, day three of vacation bible school has come and gone.  What a crazy day it was!  Now all of our three and four year olds are getting comfortable in their new surroundings and giving their teachers a wild and active morning.

In my few minutes of sewing I made this exciting sample!!!!  Yes, a fabric wine bag.  Yes, I was pretty proud of myself for getting this ‘big’ project accomplished.  Yes, I would have rather taken a nap…

Soon we will have kits with patterns for this project.  A great way to give a bottle of wine.  (If you ever share that is…).  Very easy too!  Maybe use up a smidge of your stash too.

Later, Sandra


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