Posted by: sandra | June 26, 2011

Zippers 101

Starting last year sometime we started carrying zippers from Atkinson Designs.  The great thing about the zippers was that they came in a wide variety of colors and they were cheap!  About 99 cents each!  With all of the new handbags and totes using zippers, it was also very convenient to have them in the shop!

I started my sewing days making garments, so I know how to put in a zipper.  I even know what sewing machine foot to use and what it looks like…

However, Terry Atkinson developed easy, easy easy ways to put in zippers!  Trust me, you won’t be using that zipper foot at all!

Today I made the little “Sweet Zip” from a free pattern from Atkinson Designs.  It was fast and easy and kind of addicting.  (Just like that pesky Snap Happy Bag).

It is the perfect size for a package of tissues.  However, on the post she suggests it is the perfect size for for your favorite candy…read all about her ideas as well as download the free instructions at

Last year I made luggage tags as part of my stocking stuffers, I think this year I will be making these little bags!

Later, Sandra



  1. Just wait till you see my mini duffle bags!! Class to follow, cute cute cute =0

    • Oohhh, tell me more! and some pictures…

  2. Would you be interested in making several Sweet Zips for me? Just let me know the cost Ok They are so cute and would make a cute gift!!

    • Hi Joanne, you might check and see if any of the girls at the shop are interested in making them. Since I don’t live near the shop getting supplies is a little more complicated. Good luck! Sandra

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