Posted by: sandra | June 25, 2011

Nothing to say today…

Of course, you might argue that that is pretty much like every other day…

This weekend they are having a retreat at the shop, I so miss being there during that crazy, fun time!  If you have never been to a weekend retreat at the shop, you should really consider it!  The next retreat is in August and here are the details.

AUGUST 12, 13, & 14
Judy & Kristie are putting their hair in pin curls and getting their Pink Lady Jackets out of storage so they look good at the “Arnold”s! Work on your own projects at your own pace. Good UFO time. This includes dinner Friday night, breakfast Saturday and Sunday, snacks all weekend, fabric for block drawing, your “party favor”, the famous Retreat GAMES, plus a 15% discount for the weekend of shopping all for just $60. Signups have already begun. Reserve your spot today!!
The hours are: Friday night 6pm-midnight,
Saturday 9am-midnight and Sunday 9am-6pm

The group tends to get crazier, louder and more out of control as the weekend goes on.  Sleep deprivation kicks in by Sunday afternoon, as well as the frenzy to finish up some of the things you brought with!  It is also a great time to get away from the house, (and kids) and phone and have some quality time with your sewing machine, friends,  and 2000 bolts of fabric.

You know…I have been back to Virginia Beach for quite a while…Maybe I should check my calendar for August…

Hmmm….that sounds like fun!

We are off to a neighborhood surprise party tonight, Jean is turning 40!  Ahh I remember 40…

Remember the rule, you need three pictures on a blog post…so here is Brandy and Abby.  Plotting when they can get back in the house and spread around more dog hair!

Later, Sandra



  1. yes, you should come….I can have your room ready ….in case you need to nap during those 3 days…….

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