Posted by: sandra | June 21, 2011

Zucchini Explosion!

Early in May my husband planted a small garden in our back yard.  This year he also fenced it in, to keep the deer out.

We had so much rain he had to replant along the way.  Now six weeks later…

the plants are really coming along!  So, who thought planting four zucchini and two yellow squash plants was a good idea!  This is the first time we’ve had zucchini plants and we’ve learned a few things…

  • if you wonder whether to pick it today or wait one more day, pick it!
  • when you pick one zucchini, tomorrow there will be two in its place.
  • each zucchini plant produces nine pounds of fruit each year!
  • everybody you knows also has a ton of zucchini!
  • I wonder if we opened the fence if the deer would want some zucchini?

So, I made my first batch of chocolate zucchini bread from the shop cookbook. $15.95

Actually, I made bread and muffins.

It is so good!  I’m not sure if you can really call it bread, it is more like dessert!  Give it a try!

Later, Sandra



  1. My Mother always planted the squash. When my engineer father retired, he took over the gardening. He thought he was keeping watch on the squash. The first zucchini squash that he picked weighed 7 pounds – not edible! He retired from gardening 🙂

    • 7 pounds!!!!!!

  2. Too bad your garden is in Christiansburg…we could trade – your zucchini for my cucumbers…we stopped planting zucchini this year…last year, only one plant, but more zucchini than we could eat or give away.

    • Our cucumbers washed away, so they have been replanted but still awhile before they will be ready. Next year, one plant!

      • I like that idea of both Sandra living in Christiansburg and trading veggies. I have an quite abit of RHUBARB that is delish. Made 2 desserts already and plenty lett and more coming. I plan on making Barbara Brackman’s Rhubard recipe from the cookbook this week. Will let you know how it turns out. Would love some cucumbers and/or zucchini anytime. MISS YOU ALL! How’s NANA doing?

  3. Not a huge fan of rhubarb, one serving would be plenty for the season. Rebecca saw it at the grocery store and thought it was odd colored celery…I guess I have failed as a mother…

  4. Add strawberries, sugar and cream…..yummmm

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