Posted by: sandra | June 20, 2011

Is it tooooo early?

Today I spent some time cleaning up my messy sewing room.  How does it get that way? And so fast!  Seems like the less time I am in there, the worse it gets.

Then I got to actually get in and play with the goodies Sue had sent from the shop.

Including the panel for the challenge..a new book…lots of wool…and the Grinch fabric!

I made a pair of Grinch pillowcases from the really big print!

Here is a close up, how fun is that?  The fabric is really soft and I was very pleased with the graphics, you can never tell when you order some of the novelty prints…

Yes, I know it is only June 20th, and yes I know it is 90 degrees…But, they are done and they are cute!

Stop in the shop and pick up your own Grinch pillowcase kits, you know you want some…

Later, Sandra



  1. You should make Dad a tie out of the Grinch fabric. Make sure it has Max on it. Have him wear it on exam day (yes, he’ll be out of uniform, so what, the Navy doesn’t check in the mountains). When he gives the extra credit question, he can tell the newbies that it’s right in front of their face! OK, it doesn’t say Max, so I guess he’ll have to give a hint. “It rhymes with what I’ll give you upside your head if you don’t get it.” Oh wait, that’s the old Navy way. Well I don’t speak new Navy! Thanks for the blog, Ma. Franky

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