Posted by: sandra | June 19, 2011

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day!

We have been enjoying a nice, quiet day, so far.  Opening gifts and goofing off…

We did find a new way to entertain ourselves…at our dogs expense.

Take a huge plastic pail (that may or may not have held a lot of beer the other night), and fill it with water.

Throw a couple of big rocks in the bottom…

then let the dogs try to get them out!

Two very happy, wet and tired dogs!

Apparently we are all easily amused…

Tonight we are going out with friends for dinner..maybe I’ll get to do a little stitching in the meantime…

Later, Sandra



  1. That is hysterical, but I think no workie for chihuahuas LOL (at the thought)

  2. maybe you could do it in an ice cream bucket….of course, if your dogs are smart they wouldn’t want the rocks in the first place…

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