Posted by: sandra | June 18, 2011

A Day of Quilting

Last night the guys from the staff surprised my husband with  a party, at our house!  I spent much of the week cleaning, shopping and cooking…as well as trying to figure out where to hide everything!  Apparently I didn’t have to worry so much.  Seven bottles of wine and a red velvet cake in the refrigerator didn’t even get his attention.


Today our guild was gathering for an all day sewing get together, at 8:30am.!  Our service project for the year is to make quilts for a new local men homeless shelter.  There was about eight of us, and we had a fun and pretty productive day.

There were some rough spots along the way…first it was the first aid kit…

then the various things we all forgot…a foot pedal, a rotary mat, a seam ripper, thread, and glasses.

We did get several twin size quilt tops done though!

Then just when we were packed up and ready to leave for the day…here comes the rain!  By the time we loaded cars and started heading home it looked like we had been swimming fully dressed!

Now I am home, with dry clothes and hair, hoping for a nice quite night with my stitching…

Later, Sandra


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