Posted by: sandra | June 17, 2011


Keep It Simple…Sandra

We have a young couple on my husband’s staff, due to have their first baby this fall.  So, what does a new baby need?  A quilt!

I barely know this couple and have no idea of their tastes, colors, decor, etc.  But, when it comes to babies, I know you need a quilt for the crib, one for the stroller, one for the floor, one for the car seat and two that are in the wash…I figured it didn’t have to match the nursery or the ‘theme’ or anything else.

Hence, Keep it simple…

So, I started with the yummy blue and brown fabrics from Bunny Hill Designs.  I used a cream dot background and made simple five inch bow tie blocks.

I pieced it into a small size quilt…

but the best part…chocolate brown minkee on the back!

Sure hope they all like it!

Have a great weekend!

Later, Sandra



  1. I like it! Want to make me one when I finally get pregnant? 🙂

  2. What??? There is Bunny Hill Fabric? Why didn’t I know this?
    Jaina’s Bunny Hill bunny is the “magic” Bunny. Do you think the fabric might work the same way?
    I think I need to check it out!
    What a beautiful soft quilt!
    Nice Job!

    • Hey Jude,
      Bunny Hill Designs…you are thinking of Bunnies by the Bay…who knows it make still work magic thou!…

  3. That is so nice. I have not tried that quilt block yet, You make it seem so easy.

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