Posted by: sandra | June 13, 2011

National Sewing Machine Day!

Yesterday at church, in the sermon no less, I heard that today is National Sewing Machine Day…Of course, I ran home to see if that was true.

The first website said June 13, is

                                                  Sewing Machine Day

However, Hallmark, which must be the official source in all things holiday says…

       Sewing Machine Day is

      September 10th

(And yes, they do have cards to share for the event)

So, the best thing to do would be to celebrate on both days!!!!
I made a good start for today anyway.  First I quilted and bound a couple of quilts for a local charity.
Then I treated my machine to a really good cleaning!  Yes, I know that I should do it more often…
Finally I started piecing some bow tie blocks from my stash of Bunny Hill fabric.
They are all soft blues and browns on cream.  Not a bad way to “celebrate” the day!
Of course, I know the big question you are all wondering…Where does she go to church?
Luther Memorial Lutheran.
Later, Sandra


  1. You doubted the sermon? Sandra Sandra Sandra good thing you decided to celebrate both dates (and perhaps all days in between) 🙂

  2. True enough. I hope you are celebrating all days too!

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