Posted by: sandra | June 12, 2011

Some days are like that…

My daughter is having an “off” day today…started when her zipper got stuck and broken on her skirt when she was getting ready for church..Then she got stung by a wasp when she was out hiking…next she broke a new ceramic bowl she had just bought…I sent her to find a quiet spot to hide for the rest of the day!

Hopefully none of that is contagious!

I thought it best to hide in my sewing room with a Hershey bar, just to be safe…

While hiding I finished this wool wall  hanging!  Yeah!  It is a kit that Holly picked up for me at quilt market.  The pattern/kit is from primitive Gatherings, and we will have them soon.  $33 or so for the kit and the pattern.

We have a front porch that we spend a lot of time on, but it gets a lot of sun.  So, I think I am going to hang it on the back of my front door that leads to the porch.  Then we can enjoy it without it fading out in a year.

You can sort of see the front porch here.  There is a glimpse of an Amish quilt in the top left, and you can see how faded it is!  But my flowers are very, very happy with all of the sun and I guess the dogs are too.  I just stripped and repainted one of my milk cans, so now that makes me happy too!

It is starting to get dark here, and cool off some as we wait for a storm to come through.  That should be good news to you.  The weather I have today is usually what you get tomorrow…

Back to the sewing room, while I still can.

Later, Sandra


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