Posted by: sandra | June 7, 2011

No one gave me any simple ideas yet on how to fix this quilt…As a matter of fact the comments I had all said, take the center out and do the applique right!

Ok, ok…I know you are right!  But, it wasn’t the easy answer I was looking for…

Oops, I guess my feet are in the picture.  Such a professional look are here isn’t it?  Well, I drew out the applique center, cut a new center square, (I actually had more of the same fabric) and traced the design onto the new center!  Then I put it all away!

Actually, I decided to make a pieced back for it, since I didn’t have five yards of anything.  And no great quilt shop to run to…

I love toile fabric!  I love to buy toile fabric!  I almost never use toile fabric…Hmmm, what does that mean, certainly not that I have a problem…I dug around until I found this old piece I had bought, still love, never cut into.

It is red and cream with ocean scenes, boats, lighthouses, etc.  So I cut simple squares for the back.  I decided to piece  four patch blocks to alternate with the toile.  I chose all medium prints, which I find a don’t use very often.

Then, I realized why I don’t use them much, because I like dark prints!  Yes, they are as bad as they look with the toile!  What was I thinking. So I chose some dark fabrics and then put it all away too!  Have to have a little time to think about it.

If you would like to leave a comment to be in the drawing for the book The Sweetest Thing, you have until Friday!

Later, Sandra



  1. Sandra,
    I’m not that versed in hand applique so I could be all wrong but couldn’t you shrink the original pattern to fit your needs on the existing square? Of course, I usually just push on through and fudge the problems later…the rest of the quilt top looks so perfect maybe you don’t want ot take short cuts on this part. Oh wait…yes you do…gett’er done!

    • I want it all! To get it done and to get it done right and to get it done easy….there’s my problem…Good to hear from you. I hear that it is coooool at your house. I am so jealous!

  2. Thanks for all the kind words about out shop. I remember those days well, and seems like yesterday. We all grew up together, watched our children grow, (I remember too girls who fought all the time but yet had to sleep in the same room at night) and now it’s a new generation with all the grandbabies and a new one on the way…yea!. It’s nice to know that our customer know exactlly how far they are from fun! Thanks for all your support through the years. We couldn’t have done it without our great staff, teachers, and customers!

    Sandra, just take it out as you will not be happy unless you do, or applique a finished applique piece to the center.

    I will have to look for the book here if the book store ever opens after the flood. I, too have enjoyed reading several Amish books and also the Love Comes Softly series. Thanks for the review, but Sandra, your fired ….ha…ha….just kidding, but I think you just added another line to your job title……you can be the WYSNS book reviewer too… club meets this month….have your read the book yet?

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