Posted by: sandra | June 6, 2011

The Sweetest Thing, a play on words…

Today I had most of my day free to sew!  (The sweetest thing) Yeah!  Now that it is over I can marvel that nothing got in the way!  Seems like that never happens.

My daughter has just taken up knitting, and got a pattern online for me to make her a zippered bag to store her things in.  One of those projects with zippers and velcro and interfacing…yikes, not my favorite thing, but it is coming along.  (You know you live in a small town when you have to order a zipper online).

However, much of the day was spent working on my Medallion Sampler quilt.

This is a Lori Smith pattern from My Heart to your Hand.  I have been working on it a long time, and just put on the last border! (The sweetest thing)  However, I’ve just realized a possible problem…(I am not always good about thinking things through all the way…)  In the center block there will be an appliqued eagle, greenery and stars.  Here is the pattern cover to show you.

The pattern had you applique the center first, trim it and piece the borders on.  I thought if I just used the correct size center I could piece my borders and then go back and applique.  However, now that I am at that point, I realize my block will shrink a little from the applique process…Any thoughts anyone?  Will it cause a problem?  Should I take out my center square and applique another larger square and then insert it back into the quilt?…I am open to ideas…the easier the better…

Now for the play on words…

I am doing some book reviews for Bethany House Publishing, (doesn’t that sound soooo grown up!)  I applied and one of the conditions is that you write a review for your blog.  By the way, the book was free from the publisher in return for a review.  So, here goes, I wonder if I should have asked Holly…

I worried that I might receive a book I didn’t like, and then what would I do…but, thankfully I very much liked this story.  The book centers around two teenage girls/women during the depression. One young woman came from Chicago and a very poor background, while the other lives in Atlanta’s high society. The two young women come together in Atlanta and become great friends despite their different backgrounds.  Each trying to make sense of the world and people around them.

Bethany House is a Christian publisher, so “The Sweetest Thing” has many deeper questions and messages.

Leave me a comment and have a chance to win the book!

Since I have finished the book I would love to mail it to someone else to enjoy.  Leave me a comment on today’s post and on Friday I will choose a winner!  Perhaps you could tell me how to fix my quilt very easily…

Later, Sandra



  1. You know I would fix it the hard way…I would do the applique block, trim it to the correct size and take out the center block, and piece in the new center…might involve some hand-piecing at the final corner…oh, and I’d probably only take out the original center two sides at a time…yikes! I am absolutely out of my mind. 🙂 BTW, the pieced borders look awesome…just sayin’….

    • Hey Rose, I know that what you are saying is right, and I will probably end up doing it the ‘right’ way. Hadn’t thought about only taking out two sides at a time, but that is a very good idea…How is all with the grandbaby to be?

  2. I have always been impressed by Bethany House books. Sweet, sometimes predictable, sometimes simple, but always interesting, factual and respectful of the reader. Finishing one always leaves me looking for another.

    Your quilt is beautiful! And like all really beautiful, well crafted quilts, the easy way is not worthy of it!

    • I do like books from Bethany house too, sometimes they are just what I need in my life. I know the easy way is not the answer…I just have to come to terms with it…

  3. I am not especially religious, but I too enjoy a lot of the Christian/spiritual fiction. Something a little more “uplifting” can be nice sometimes. I got into several series about the Amish a few years ago and learned quite a bit about their beliefs and lifestyle, which kinda gets you thinking about things a little differently, too. Have fun with the reviews!

  4. Hey Sandra, thanks for asking…seems Dawson will get his wish…a baby brother in October…

    • Congrats! no twin girls huh?…

  5. Sandra,

    This book sounds very interesting and one I would greatly enjoy reading. My own mother was from a very poor situation at 11 years old in Arkansas during the depression. She found a small job at age 11, while her much older brothers were not able to work.She brought home the $25.00 she earned over three months living and working for a woman in a neighboring town just in time to keep her family from starving. They were literally out of food and money when she arrived back home with the money she had earned. Her father hitched up the wagon and immediately went to town to bring back food for the family. It was a very challenging time for many, but especially those on poor dirt farms in the Dust Bowl. I’m glad to say she survived and lived a life helping anyone she came into contact with. I’ll make sure to read this book. Thanks for recommending it. Carol

    • Carol, thanks for the information about your family. When my daughter learned my father grew up during the “great” depression she was so impressed! My father enlightened her that it really wasn’t “great to grow up at that time…

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