Posted by: sandra | June 3, 2011

Heidi-Idy celebrates turning 21

What a day they had at the shop today!  The big birthday celebration, 21 years in business!  And what a present Heidi-Idy got…Lisa B., brought in Heidi’s new “friend”, Edward!  I can’t remember what I got for my 21st birthday, but I know it wasn’t Edward!

Look at how happy the girls look.

Here is Pat playing ‘peek a boo’ with Edward…it is always the quiet ones…

Here Edward is discussing the Civil War with Pitty Pat, perhaps giving her some new insight…

There are a lot more silly pictures of Edward on our Facebook page, check them out.

The birthday sale continues through Sunday, so you still have the weekend to do a little shopping.

By the way Lisa B., did Holly tell you about this fun display at market?

Really, what could be more fun then a ferris wheel full of sock monkeys?

We also got some more fabric today, Transatlantique from Wilmington.  A collection of vintage style travel pieces.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Later, Sandra



  1. I remember going over to Norfolk when the store was at Little Creek Rd. and Shore Dr. It was so amazing to have such a wonderful shop in town. I loved the antique furniture that was used to display all the fabrics and goodies. Irene and Holly were so young and excited about the shop. Funny how 21 years later Irene is still so young and excited about quilts.! I love having the shop in my neighborhood – I can get there in 8.5 minutes if I try. Thanks for wonderful memories over the years.

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