Posted by: sandra | June 1, 2011

Birthday Party is on Friday!

If you have a chance this Friday stop in the store to wish Heidi-Idy and the gang a happy 21st birthday!  There will be cake!  And party favors!  And cake, did I mention that already?

Maybe even a little of this…

(Does this look like sparkling cider?)

I also heard that Lisa B. has something special planned for Heidi-Idy…Knowing Lisa this will be crazy!!!!  You better have your camera ready for this one!  I wonder if Heidi-Idy is too innocent for whatever Lisa is thinking…

News from the shop today.

The new Jo Morton book, Banner Day ($28) arrived today!  Autographed copies are here, while they last!  Also, if you are on the special order list, one more reason to stop in!

Also, the latest book from Blackbird Designs, A Stitcher’s Journey. $27  I haven’t see it yet, but I heard that it is a beautiful…

Finally, Hobo Quilts ($28) arrived today too.  Holly bought this book and loves it!  She says the historical aspects of the book alone, are well worth it!.  Kinda of like the Civil War quilt books that have all of the stories included.

Tomorrow, some shocking revelations from the shop!  I am still trying to believe it!

Later, Sandra



  1. look out Heidi Idy !!

  2. I have been to the sale twice already. I also own the Hobo Quilt book and it is fascinating.
    Hope the Missouri River doesn’t flood too badly Holly – I grew up right along side the river in Missouri.

  3. WHAT ARE THE REVELATIONS? Is this like a ‘fabric rapture’ announcement? Ooooooooo…the anticipation!

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