Posted by: sandra | May 31, 2011

The birthday celebration continues!

Today is the shops 21st anniversary!

Make sure you stop in some time this week to get in on all of the sales!  Don’t forget to register for door prizes as well as getting your birthday favor…

One of the specials this week is our entire selection of Scrap Therapy patterns!  We have about 10-12 designs to choose from, all at 50% off!

Here are some of the designs available, limited supplies of each.

If you have not used these patterns before, they make great use of your scraps!  (If you have any, that is…).

The above pattern pictures come directly from   The home page for the scrap therapy program.  So, don’t be confused by the  BUY NOW option in the picture…But come into the shop and “buy it now” for 50% off!

Just think how good it would feel to use up a few pieces from your fabric stash?  Dig them out of the Rubbermaid, the closet, from under the bed, the bags, the drawers and the car trunk (hey, you know you’ve stored some there before)!

Then, you’ll be able to buy more fabric while it is 25% off!

Happy Birthday Heidi-Idy!

Later, Sandra

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