Posted by: sandra | May 26, 2011


Due to circumstances…our trip to Minnesota has been canceled!  We are home again and planning the rest of the summer…I have never been very good at “winging it”.  But, we’ll give it a try…That big bag of projects barely got touched, how sad is that!

On the bright side I think the Memorial Day neighborhood party is set for much of the weekend, and I won’t be missing it!

I started laying out my applique blocks and pieced blocks from the book Simple Blessings by Kim Diehl.  Yes, I noticed the missing block at the top, I haven’t finished appliqueing it yet.

After I laid out the sashing I got the nine patch blocks ready to put in.

Only to realize I had made all of my blocks wrong…They all had dark corners instead of light corners…thus they did not working with the sashing!  Aghhh to take them apart, or start over…or put in all in the closet and forget about it for awhile?  Decisions…decisions…

OK, I took the blocks apart and fixed them!  I also added the top applique block, although it is still not finished.  Oh well, it made me feel better.

I also finished this little trout candle mat for Holly.

The design is from

Lots and lots of new designs from her, so exciting that we are planning a trunk show in early July!  We want you to see all the new releases from market!

Later, Sandra



  1. Wow – so sorry about the trip. Sorry you won’t hit all those neat places but most of all that your daughter will miss out on such a great opportunity. My experiences in life have been that when something like this happens, something better comes along. The quilt and candle mat are stunning. Have a great memorial day.

    • Thanks Virginia, Hopefully it will all be for the best…
      Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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