Posted by: sandra | May 25, 2011

Oops…I didn’t do it!

Over the years the shop has compiled a list of emails for our customers.  We ‘generally’ send out an update every Friday letting you know about events in the store.  Such as upcoming classes, new fabric and book arrivals and any other specials that may be going on.

Well…I didn’t do it!  But…virtually all of our email list was deleted.  Honest, I didn’t do it!

So, now we are back at square one, trying to recreate our email mailing list.

Please, please , please take a moment and put your name back on the mailing list!  You know next week is our 21st birthday, and you sure won’t want to miss the party invitation!

Here is all you have to do.  Go to this address and add your name and email, then submit it. Be Sure to check the YES box for updates

Here is what I have been working on.

(Yes, that is the sun out there!  Enough storms already!)

I sent the box to the shop this afternoon, it should be there on Friday.

This quilt is from the new book Fat Quarter Winners from Open Gate.  $14.95

The block was fun to make, although not done in a ‘traditional’ way.  I put the blocks together into a lap size quilt, and had enough left overs for a baby quilt.  I really like several of the projects from this book, I hope you do too.

Don’t forget, go sign up your email address, please!  I don’t want to get into anymore trouble…Ummm..I mean…I don’t want anyone else to get into anymore trouble…

Later, Sandra


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